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 White Cement: CEM I 52.5 N


White Portland cement is a Portland cement that differs from grey cement mainly in colour. It is made of selected raw materials containing negligeable amounts of iron and manganese oxides.

 Standard Specification

It is produced according with the Egyptian standards ES 4756/1-2007 and complies with the European specifications EN 197/1-200

 Physical and Mechanical Properties

Cement Standard Specifications Limits
Property CEM | 52.5 N Type CEM | 42.5 R Type
Setting Time (Initial) min 110 ≥ 45
Soundness (Expansion) mm 5.3 ≤ 10
Compressive Strength 2D MPa 22.3 ≥ 20
Compressive Strength 28D MPa 55.2 ≥ 52.5
Whiteness % 83.3 82±5

 Chemical Properties

Cement Standard Specifications Limits
Property CEM | 52.5 N Type Standard Specification Limits
Loss on lgnition 1.86 % ≤5.0
Insoluble Residue 0.51 % ≤ 5.0
Sulphate (SO3) 2.97 % ≤ 4.0
Chloride Content (Cl) 0.04 ≤0.10

 Practical Main Application

It is primary used for architectural and structural purposes such as pre-cast curtain walls and facing panels, terrazzo surfaces, stucco, cement paint, tile grout and decorative concrete. It is recommended wherever white or coloured concrete or mortar if desired. In case of application in concrete, the selection of the aggregates has to be carefully done and the curing time strictly controlled to secure the whiteness of the final product.


• Cement bags should be stored in a dry place and kept away from a humid environment.
• Bags are stacked over wooden palettes.
• Cement bags should be covered in case of humid & rainy weathers.
• Don’t stuff more than 8 bags over each other.


• 6 weeks from the packing date, provided that it’s properly stored as previously mentioned instructions.
• Cement should be re-tested before use after this period.