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 OPC Superfine 4100


It is high-early strength cement which provides high strengths at an early period, usually a week or less. Although richer mixes of CEM I can be used to gain high early strength, Superfine Portland Cement may provide it more satisfactorily and more economically.

 Standard Specification

It is produced according to the Egyptian standards ES 4756/1-2007 which complies with the European specifications EN 197/1-2000.

 Physical and Mechanical Properties

Cement Standard Specifications Limits
Property Tourah Cement Standard Specification Limits
Finenss (Blain) 4250 cm2/gm 4100
Setting Time (Initial) min 116 Min 45 Min
(Final) 2 : 10 Min 10 hrs Max
Expansion mm 1mm 10 mm Max
Compressive Strength 2D - -
Compressive Strength 7D 30 N/mm2 23.5 N/mm2 Min
Compressive Strength 28D 46 N/mm2 42.5

 Chemical Properties

Cement Standard Specifications Limits
Analysis Tourah Cement Standard Specification Limits
Loss on lgnition 2.25 % 4.0 Max
Insoluble Residue 0.8% 1.5 %
Sulphate (SO3) 2.35 % -
MgO 2.1 % 4.0 Max

 Practical Main Application

It is used when forms are to be removed as soon as possible or when the structure must be put into service quickly. It is suitable for bridges construction and manufacturing of the railways bases.


• Cement bags should be stored in a dry place and kept away from a humid environment.
• Bags are stacked over wooden palettes.
• Cement bags should be covered in case of humid & rainy weathers.
• Don’t stuff more than 8 bags over each other.


• 6 weeks from the packing date, provided that it’s properly stored as previously mentioned instructions.
• Cement should be re-tested before use after this period.