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 Portland Limestone Cement: CEM II/B-L 32.5 N


It is a composite Portland cement pertains to the main type of CEM II family which contains 19 different kinds of Cements, according to EN 197/1-2000.

 Standard Specification

It is produced according to the Egyptian standards ES 4756/1- 2007 which complies with the European specifications EN 197/1-2000.

 Physical and Mechanical Properties

Cement Standard Specifications Limits
Property Tourah Cement Standard Specification Limits
Finenss (Blain) 3994 cm2/gm -
Setting Time (Initial) min 165 75
Expansion mm 1 10 max
Compressive Strength 2D - -
Compressive Strength 7D 28.9 N/mm2 16
Compressive Strength 28D 37.9 N/mm2 32.5 min

 Chemical Properties

Cement Standard Specifications Limits
Property CEM | 42.5 N Type CEM | 42.5 R Type
Loss on lgnition 8.43 % -
Insoluble Residue 1.2 % 5 %
Sulphate (SO3) 2.2 % 3.50 %
Chloride Content (Cl) 0.074 0.1

 Practical Main Application

Applied in general purpose building works, such as masonry mortars, plastering, rendering, pavements and cement products as tiles, bricks, and hollow blocks. As per the EOS restrictions, it’s not for foundations or reinforced concrete works.


• Cement bags should be stored in a dry place and kept away of humid environment.
• Bags are stacked over wooden Palettes
• Cement bags should be covered in case of humid & rainy weathers.


• 6 weeks from the packing date, provided that it's properly stored as previously mentioned.
• Cement should be re-tested before use after this period.


2 Plies craft paper bag each of 50 Kg/bag